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Date(s) - 26/10/2019
20:00 - 23:00

Tunnel Vienna Live



BOB DYLAN ’s dream

piccolo divertente musical a funny little musical

The show Bob Dylan ’s Dream, successfully represented in various Italian and European theaters, arose from a fleeting idea and gradually turn itself into a „funny little musical“, as the Florentine Press called it after a performance at the Teatro del Sale. The idea is that of a „modifiable“ show depending on eventuality and actuality, but always based on the original texts written specifically for Carlo Monni, in the first edition of 2007, and modified in relation to the subsequent entry into the other actors who lent their voices to the show. Until the current narrator Mario Modeo. Bob Dylan s Dream runs like a small musical, a non-monothematic radio broadcast, with quotes at 360 °. From Woody Guthrie, Putative Father of the little Robert Zimmermann, up to his beloved Son, Bruce Springsteen. Songs as milestones to intersperse some original lyric pieces , and a wonderful text by Woody Guthrie. In addition to the Dylan ‘s famous songs , the magnificent interpretations of Jimy Hendrix, The Band, The Byrds. On the screen flow significant and important images of the end of the last century.
Acquaraggia is an historic band in Italy with many albums back and one ‚Rock Covers‘ just out. The band is monthly traveling Europe with the line up formazione duo e and the show named Cocktail Semiacustico Acquaraggia .
The cocktail semiacustico mix in its shaker nobles ingredients of different kind and sound ; the energy of the blues, contemporary pop ballads ; New Orleans standards, epic soundtracks e „redemption songs „; not forgetting the original songs by the new album and the whole discography !

Giuseppe Oliverio Acoustic Guitar and Voice
Alessandro Abba Electric Guitar
Guest Danny Chicago Acoustic Guitar Voice and Harmonica

acquaraggia 1981
gli ex fuorilegge si sposano 1990
live 1995
archeologie 2000
nightpubbing 2004
la torta in fondo al cielo 2007
rock covers 2016