Open Phil open stage feat. Alexa Lopez w/ Laute Leute (Tunnel Newcomers act)

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Date(s) - 10/05/2022
20:00 - 23:00

Tunnel Vienna Live


Open Phil and Tunnel Newcomers proudly present Alexa Lopez and Laute Leute for April 23rd at 8pm.
Alexa Lopez:
Alexa Lopez is a 19-year old Singer and Songwriter from Vienna who’s musical strenght lies in versatility. Her out-of-the-box songwriting meets genres like Indie Pop, Alternative Rock and Contemporary R&B. While her lyrics talk about relatable, deep emotions and experiences she experiments with musical theorie in her arrangements and creates different vibes. With music by Alexa Lopez there definitely is something for everyone.
IG: alexalopezmusic
Laute Leute:
LauteLeute is a music project formed by the percussionist/vocalist Helmut Perez and bassist/guitarist Leo Aristeguieta. What started as two guys who desired to make music in summer turned out to be a big success with an audience of over 500 at the Donaukanal in vienna. Their vision is to collaborate with as many artists as possible in whatever musical genre to show and improve their different facets. The Motto is: be Loud, be heard.
IG: lauteleute
Open Mic sign-up begins 7:30pm, showtime is 8pm.What

is Open Phil?
We are a small galaxy in a small room,
with stars in our eyes,
seeing stars in each other.
Bound not by jealousy; just admiration
is our gravitation
to orbit each other.
One special microphone ends isolation,
sending sound through the void;
we’re surrounding each other.
Shining through dark matter, singing through joy
as each asteroid
dares exist as a star.
Finding our voices to find who we are.
When this room is our universe
we are all stars.
We are a small galaxy in a small room.
We’re bound to each other
and we are all stars.
Shining through the open space,
we find our space to fill
open space, fill space, our space at Open Phil.
Thanks to Angela Brett for the poem. And thanks to YOU for coming! And a very special thanks to the Tunnel for allowing us to use their marvelous stage and room. We owe them a lot of gratitude and love for giving us unfeathered access to their space.
NOTE: If you want to use DRUMS, please bring your own sticks and cymbals.